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Dr Campbell Edinborough -
Self-reflection and the organisation of experience: Examining Inaba Minoru´s budo as art.

This article examines how Japanese budo (martial arts), specifically the approach developed by Minoru Inaba (former headmaster of the Shiseikan Budojo, Tokyo), can be functionally understood as a form of art. Through referring to the aesthetic theories of Dennis Dutton, Ellen Dissanayake and Joseph Carroll, the article examines budo as a means of organising experience, recognisable alongside painting, dance, theatre and literature.


Sasha Roubicek -
Hara Breathing Applied to Dance Practice
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This article appeared in Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices Volume 1 / Issue 2
This article is included with kind permission of Intellect Books: www.intellectbooks.co.uk

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Dr. Kerry Chappell -
Reflections on Aikido and Dance
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Colleen Snell -
Reflections on Aikido and Dance:
Understanding a Centre Between Ground and Sky

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