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We have a number of classes available for children at movingeast during term times (excluding half term). All classes take place at movingeast.

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Children's Aikido Class

Wednesday 6pm - 7pm
5 - 15yrs
Instructor: Stan Lee 3rd Dan

Working with a partner, children will learn the basic forms of this Japanese martial art and gain an understanding of balance, coordination, co-operation and mutual respect.

T: +44(0) 20 7503 3101 or



Saturdays 10.15am - 11.00 am at Movingeast
2-5 yrs old and their parents
Instructor: Monica Giacomin

In ContaKids each couple (child + parent/carer) is actively and equally engaged throughout the whole session.

ContaKids uses simple exercises in the form of games between the child and the parent: the experience of moving together and the physical contact support a body-based form of communication which is fun and beneficial for all. Children enhance and improve their motor skills and self-confidence and parents develop a sense of trust in their child and themselves.

ContaKids helps strengthen both parents and children, stimulates the development of healthy reflexes like balance and grip, encourages proprioception and self confidence, helps parents take care of their own bodies when playing games with their children. Provides a relaxed environment to build a deeper physical connection between the parent and child.

Enquiries and registration: +44 7908 470211 / centredmind@gmail.com
Monica Giacomin Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. www.monicagiacomin.com

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