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Schools Programme at movingeast

Movingeast is an interdisciplinary Centre for Dance Martial Arts and Complementary Practices. We work with a number of primary and secondary schools in the London boroughs of Hackney and Camden delivering after schools clubs and enrichment into day time curriculum.

If you are interested in day-time taster classes or after school clubs in Dance, Aikido or Taiji, or workshops to enhance GCSE Dance then, please get in touch.

Working with Others

Dance and Martial Arts require inter-personal skills:
Learning how to communicate – verbally and physically
Learning how to negotiate – we have to work together to achieve this
Empathy – taking care of others and understanding their needs

Learning through physical experience:
Identifying the body – acknowledging physicality/understanding detail (parts of the body)
Physiology – so a body does this & this
Physical feedback – when I do "A", B, C, & D also happen – What does it feel like?
Learning to translate visual and verbal information into an action/actions
Learning to modify and adjust actions in response to instruction/direction

Imaginative Input and Play:
Dance and Martial Arts require imaginative input not simply replication
Imagine the circumstances setting/surroundings
Imagine how this might feel then express it
You are......something different, be it transforming self-image through projection

Owning the process:
Each body has particularities of structure – no two bodies are alike
Only you know how you feel – sensation is subjective
Each body has a history
Learning requires the nurturing of enquiring mind, to pursue research in order to discover so – learning through experimentation
Responsibility for one's personal growth & development – personal goals not just external pressure

Embodying a philosophy:
I behave/move like this because I understand the world in a particular way.


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