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Ken & Aikido

At Tetsushinkan Dojo Aikido is taught together with the Kenjutsu (sword technique) of Kashima No Tachi and the two arts are integrated within our methodology. Over the past 20 years Paul Smith, Head of Tetsushinkan Dojo, has studied with Inaba Sensei, previous Head of The Shiseikan Budojo at Meiji Jingu, inTokyo. Profoundly influenced by Kuni Zenya, Inaba Sensei has combined these two distinct arts in a unique and complementary manner, creating a sophisticated methodology that weaves sword and empty-handed techniques into a fully integrated and inseparable whole. Paul Smith has rigorously researched this relationship between Ken and Aikido evolving an understanding that is expressed in his distinct approach to the teaching of Budo. The essence of Inaba Sensei’s teaching continues to inform Paul’s on-going exploration.

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Clip Thumbnail Watch Paul Smith and Stan Lee demonstrating Kashima Shinryu Kenjutsu, in this extract from Perfect Weapon, with kind permission of National Geographic Channel National Geographic Logo


Class Times & Instructors


Paul Smith Chief Instructor
Paul Smith

6th Dan
missing Head of East Sheen Dojo
Robert Cowham

5th Dan
Sasha Roubicek Instructor
Sasha Roubicek

4th Dan
Colin Poole
Colin Poole

4th Dan
Stan Lee Instructor
Stan Lee

4th Dan
Alan Saunders Assistant Instructor
Alan Saunders

3rd Dan
Fabrice Conin Assistant
Fabrice Connin
2nd Dan
Stuart Taylor Assistant Instructor
Stuart Taylor

3rd Dan
blank Head of
Martin Abrahams
4th Dan


Introductory classes are £12 for 2 hours (concessions £8) and 1 hour class £8 (concessions £6). After the first month we expect students to pay the monthly rate by Standing Order which is £60 (concessions £40), and this covers all classes in the week. All members are required to pay a yearly membership fee of £35 (concessions £25) within the first month of joining which includes insurance cover.

Concessions rates are for students and low-waged.

Beginners may order a keikogi ("judo suit") through the dojo for £35.

You can obtain forms for Membership application and the Standing Order form at the dojo – Membership Forms are also download here (MS Word format)

Membership Form


Class Times

All classes take place at New Unity Hall, 277A Upper St. Islington N1 2TZ (entrance to left of Fire Station)
Close to Highbury & Islington & The Angel stations
Busses: 4,19,30,43

7.30 - 8.30 am
6.00 - 7.30 pm

7.30 - 8.30 am

7.15 - 9.30 pm

There are currently no children's classes - please check our Facebook page for updates

Monthly standing order payments are now:
Fully waged £65
Low wages/Concessions £45


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