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Sasha Roubicek - Instructor 3rd Dan

Dance Artist

Sasha began studying Aikido with Paul over 20 years ago. Sasha attended courses given by Yamaguchi Sensei and Sekiya Sensei and attended the first intensive course for Western instructors given by Inaba Sensei in 1992. Sasha has travelled to Germany, France and Norway to attend courses with Inaba Sensei and has visited the Shiseikan on 3 occasions to further her studies.

Sasha assisted Paul with the organisation of the first multinational course to be given by Inaba Sensei outside of Japan, staged in mid Wales in 1993, with the opening ceremony of Tetsushinkan Dojo attended by Inaba Sensei in 1999 and again with the another course in Wales in 2006. Sasha has assisted Paul with instruction on several courses programmed by Tenshinkan Dojo, Oslo and has had a long-term association and friendship with members of that dojo. She also assisted with the delivery of a three-week residency at Kodokan Dojo in Salem Mass. in 1997. Sasha has taught on the movingeast summer course for professional dancers every year for the past nine years and has delivered inter-disciplinary courses to several vocational dance institutions and studios including The Place, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Henny Jurriens Foundation, Dansens Hus and The School for Modern Dance in Denmark.

In 2008 Sasha joined the faculty of London Contemporary Dance School as Lecture in Release-based dance Technique, Performance and Repertory Studies. In June 2010 the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices published her article (Volume1 Issue 2): "Hara breathing applied to dance practice" describing how breathing methods learned through Budo have informed her practice and teaching of dance.

Read Sasha's Article on Hara Breathing Applied to Dance Practice here



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